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Robyn Boehm, BC Canada

I came to the Happyness Centre because I was feeling like there was this part of me that was not happy. I had a great life in every way: wonderful marriage, great kids, safe and happy home, great job, close friends...but I was just feeling an emptiness that I could not explain. 


I began personal sessions with Madhu Sai and he taught me his method of meditation and helped me to sit and examine my "inner self". Learning and practicing this method has given me a life-long skill that I can now use in every situation. I feel grounded and peaceful...and when life's issues arise, I have learned powerful tools to face them and work through them and return to inner peace. And once I began to be around the Happyness Centre environment I realized that it is a community of open-hearted, kind, educated and supportive people and that there are so many opportunities for personal growth and connection at this centre. I now also attend group meditation sessions run by Madhu Sai, Yvette and Jo, I tune in to morning wellness sessions on Facebook and I joined the RunClub for more physical and mental health too! Being a part of this positive and impactful Happyness Centre is truly a blessing. Everyone is welcome here. I highly recommend taking the step and connecting with the teacher that feels right to you. 


Robyn Boehm

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