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Wholeness and Being

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

A client was experiencing unworthiness, loneliness, and negativity in their life. This is mostly because they were carrying the weight of the past beliefs and conditioning. They were stuck in that little self and trying to change their outer circumstances.

Most of the information and knowledge available outside talks about staying positive, being positive, and having positive reinforcement in life. As a result, we are ignoring the negative experiences in our lives and have no knowing of how to deal with them when they happen to us. Many times, when we encounter negative experiences, we look outward for solutions and push away the negativity. We ignore, escape, or hide from them because it feels uncomfortable. It does not feel our natural state and most of all we have no right understanding of it. We are desperate to get out of this negative feeling in any way we can.

How many of us feel the need to move away from a negative to a positive experience?

We think that staying in dark experiences will make us weak and crippled. By energetically working on both polarities (negative and positive), we are able to reverse the polarities from negative to positive. On one hand, we must know to let go the negative experiences and on the other hand we must reinforce the positive experiences. This can happen when we can experience both the polarities.

Have you thought if we experiencing life fully?

We all aspire to live our lives fully and in wholeness. But how can we be certain that only positive experiences can make us whole?

What is wholeness?

Transforming the little unhappy self to a happy little self without changing the self is when we can experience wholeness. When we can identify and practice to let go one part of your consciousness that is unhappy and nurture and invite another part of your consciousness, we move to a state of Equanimity. Remember that we're not removing anything that is worthy but we are taking away what does not serve us at the present time. Equanimity is a state where we are not pulled down by the negative polarity feelings nor get too attached to the positive polarity feelings.

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