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Lisa Brisse, CA USA

Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Coach, and  Founder of State of the Heart Fitness. 


I started working with Madhu Sai in February (2022) just after I had gotten out of the hospital with a 3rd recurrence of ovarian cancer (originally diagnosed in 2019). After two years and so much "work" on many levels to address the dis-ease -- including nutrition, emotional, spiritual, etc--I was recommended to do some work with Madhu Sai by my acupuncturist.


It's May now and I am on the mend, healing on so many levels and Madhu has helped me tremendously in terms of understanding the bigger picture of my life through his vedic astrology, but also through his spiritual guidance, giving me helpful tools to help shift how I see myself, how I see the cancer, and how I see life itself. His work is helping to liberate me from the over-identification with my "small human self" while seeing and experiencing myself from a much bigger perspective, and experiencing the "healing" through that alone. 


It is still a work in progress but I am so grateful to him for assisting me with his vast knowledge and life experience. He is kind, compassionate and makes me feel like everything is okay--that I am safe in the world. Thank you, Madhu Sai!

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